Our Services

Web Design

Whether you're a business, an institution, or an individual, in today's world your website is your first impression on the people you want to connect with. After years of designing sites for everything from universities to web-comics, we understand that each client has something unique to offer.

Let ZenGrove help you put your best face forward and give your website the professional, colorful, and captivating look that will represent you to the world for years to come.

Logo Design

A good logo can make all the difference between a name that sticks in your mind and one that lays flat on the page. Our designers have worked with countless clients to capture the essence of their sites, businesses, and projects and pin it all down to something simple and elegant.

Print Design

Looking to send your name out into the world? Let us help you make sure it catches their eyes and speaks your mind effectively. We've helped our clients print on everything from posters to fliers, business cards to letterheads, t-shirts to book covers.

Interface Design

"Pretty" and "usable" should never be mutually exclusive. With years of experience building front-ends for everything from databases to 3D games, we have the knowledge it takes to give your users easy and intuitive control over your site or application.

Web Applications Development

We have extensive experience building the behind-the-scenes technologies that make websites work. With years of experience in PHP, MySQL, jQuery/JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, ActionScript, and Content Management Systems, we can build an application that's a perfect fit for your project, website, interface, or idea.

Webhosting & Data Services

ZenGrove has years of experience helping clients set up websites and web servers, as well as helping update or migrate their web hosting or backup and protect their valuable web content. If you need help starting, maintaining, or relocating your web service, we can help.

...And many more!

If you have an idea for a project, service, or website that you don't see listed here, run it by us! We've worked on a ton of interesting and unique web and design projects in our time, and chances are we have the experience to help you out!